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1Historias CDLC - Historias y noticias sobre fiestas, mezcla de culturas, música y todo lo que rodea a Carpe Diem Lounge Club
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  • We launch you our new sunglasses

    We are proud to present our own designed CDLC Carpe Diem sunglasses by Italia Independent

    Info and sale: CDLC, Passeig Maritim 32


    Being independent means writing one’s own story everyday

    Italia Independent

  • The preparation of our Morocco dish


    This video shows what is behind every plate of our delicious Lamb tagine with couscous and the chef’s special touch.


  • CDLC virtual tour...
  • How to be a DJ

    Time ago, a person with a suitcase or a case full of records coming in and out of bars and nightclubs after hours was who jocked, so the term was Disc Jockey.

    No one has that image in mind anymore. The Jock is now THE DJ. They travel lighter than those in the past. The most successful fly private jets and helicopter to get more than one session per night. Without aiming so high, there are others who are simply doing well and they are followed by thousands of people in both social networks as clubs where they play. Both the DJ and the Disc Jockey share something that is indifferent to the era and style, that far from being only a connoisseur of music and rhythm, the DJ should also know psychology and quickly grasp each reaction in the public, anticipating events.

    Let us not only with how the day-to-day mega stars such as David Guetta, Todd Terry, Dennis Ferrer, Frankie Knuckles and Steve Aoki. They are as above.
    The question is how they did it? How can anyone do it? The most immediate and spontaneous answer is "working". Yes, it sounds patently obvious, but it's what all the big ones say, "Never stop playing."

    Some of them savvy about management world, tie it to certain areas of business: Continue playing and learning more as part of the development of that you have become when you are playing, the product. Work your contacts and friends network to help you interact with ever larger number of people in the club decision-makers and producers, what comes to be marketing, and go outside to sell, to get the next session.

    Let's go back to how does one get started? We recommend that you think long term, it is a long distance race, and you can start with the basics: two turntables and / or two CD players and a mixer. You also have software that allows you to have all of this in your computer. Either way you need to have either case plugged to a mixer and, and the mixer plugged to some speakers. Do not forget a good pair of headphones.

    Well, you got it. Now all you need is what people calls but it is really made of work. If you have defined a musical taste you fancy playing, do it, believe in yourself. In this industry, not going with the flow has its rewards. Develop your personal style keeping the faith in it and you will see how everything goes smooth sailing. Every time you will find yourself more comfortable with your sound and that will be seen or heard from outside. There are schools where you can actually study to become a DJ, but be well informed about their programs and possibilities before you sign in. Several of the things they offer can you learn by practicing, but if you think you should specialize, choose where to do it better and go for it.

    The moment you get paid for a session, you have become a professional. The important thing is that you persist and you know how to gradually increase your fees as you make yourself a name in the world. We strongly discourage the hurries and immediate magical formulas.

    For if you were thinking of a fast track through a contest or competition to win a catapult to stardom, such competitions are just that, an event where a more or less capable jury decides if they like something or not. The result of a competition is not the future of your career; your efforts are to decide how it goes.

    For those jumping in, we wish you courage and luck (work).

  • More champagne, please

    In which occasions is champagne a good choice? Even for brushing your teeth. This great tasting sparkling wine, taken at the right temperature, has always been associated with celebrations and moments of joy. Don’t we spend the day talking about how we have to enjoy every day as if it were the last one, and living to the fullest? There is something in champagne that leaves no one indifferent. It has been an object of envy and admiration for centuries and is not likely to become common at any time.

    At the table, opposite to what is often believed, if we are thinking on drinking it with meals, its summit is when taken with appetizers, although it holds great complicity with first and second courses, regardless of whether they are meat or fish, and it is not as much recommended with dessert. Yes, we've seen it served with a strawberry, but this berry has a sweet, very citrusy, it’s not a cupcake. If you have no choice, look for a champagne as sweet as possible, in other words, the less brut. Sweet wines work perfect with desserts.

    Like any wine, Champagne is to be kept lying in a place, protected from sunlight and strong odors, with temperature kept in a range between 10 ºC and 14 ºC, never exceeding 24ºC. When serving, use ice in a champagne bucket to lower the bottle’s temperature to 8 °C. By raising the temperature two degrees we would be starting to lose carbon, the gas that helps the taste buds get the taste and flavor, and we would start perceiving the ferment taste. Bringing down the temperature by two degrees would make the bottle begin losing flavor.

    The containers recommended for it’s serving are tulip glasses. It is a kind of glass with a little more body than the fine flutes in which we are used to see it served, but never as open as the pompadour type. If we were thinking on keeping the glass temperature down, a tight and narrow cup would make sense. Narrow, but not as much as to neutralize the smelling function needed while drinking. A high glass is needed for bubbles make their slow way up naturally, what gives flavor to the drink.

    Served in a glass, poured over the walls and not directly on the bottom. This practice is directly related to how much gas remains after the serving. By doing so slowly on the wall,  the glass will retain more bubbles, more life to our drink.

    If we wanted to enjoy it at any time, and in large amounts, always responsibly, we would have to go to the place where more champagne is consumed per capita in the world, the island of Guadeloupe in the French Antilles. This small island is followed in consumption by Martinique and France. Adding up the consumption of Guadalupe’s 450,000 inhabitants and its floating population, they manage to drink 4.25 bottles per inhabitant / year (the latest data we have is from 2008).



  • Technology to go out and have fun

    Technology is doing a lot for us and some of it can already be applied in our leisure time. There are various apps out there that can make your life easier when going out to have fun, if you know how to use them. Here is a selection.

    The first need to be covered is the question “Where shall we go today?”. Within this app group there some very specialized already, in which you can see offers, coupons, pictures or getting on a list. There are even some that through webcam, they let you decide if the place is crowded enough for you or not. Not all of them cover the whole globe, they are pretty local sphered, so you better check on a country or even city level which are available.

    Continuing along the same line of “always knowing”,  we recommend you the applications similar to  Shazaam or Soundhound, the best when trying to show a large musical record in front of your group of friends knowing “always” which song is being played at the moment. Something similar happens with those belonging to the CocktailFlow’s family, that allows you to brag in front of everyone while asking for cocktails that nobody knows about. Few things leave a better impression than someone that asks the bartender for drinks and ingredients that nobody has ever heard about.
    We are surprised to see how technology adapts to people’s uses. We found some Apps that make it almost impossible for the user to send or receive calls or text messages with a certain list from his or her contact list. The most interesting part are the safety measures that the App has to prevent the users from sending the wrong message at the wrong hour that include logic and math problems, as well as having the password sent by the App to the designated user’s friend to leave to his judgement if it’s right for you to have full access to your message administration.

    Although for obvious matters we think that the App that takes you back home is the most essential. MyTaxi is an example of those already out there that locate and hail a taxi. Some of them also allow you booking it on advance and even paying for the trip.

  • Holi, a colorful festival

    There are more and more images of a street celebration involving cheerful people in an atmosphere of colored powders that dyes them. It’s not just another festival, this one is full of meaning, and worth attending.

    Also known as the colors and perfumes festival, Holi is the celebration of the beginning of the spring season and a farewell to the winter. It is celebrated after march’s full moon. In 2014 it will be celebrated on march the 17th, in 2015 on march the 6th and on 2016 on march the 23rd. Among the most known are the ones in India and Nepal, although the hindu communities have extended it all over the world and in all continents.

    There is a mythological side in it that represents an evil king, Hiranyakashyap, who wanted to become a god, and forced his people to venerate him as such. One day he finds out that his son, Prahlad, far from seeing him as a superior being, really worships a supreme god, Vishnu. Full of anger, Hiranyakashyap, ordered his also evil sister Holika, who had a special blessing that made her immune to fire, to take Prahlad on her lap to the inside of a big bonfire. Finally, the purifying fire couldn’t defeat Prahlad’s virtue, so committed to Vishnu. While Prahlad stayed safe, the fire burned Holika and all her wickedness. It is because of this that part of the celebrations are held around a bonfire where the elders see another victory of good over evil. The youngsters enjoy also celebrating the death of Dhundhi, an evil ogress who’s weak point is a small but fun ceremony that children perform also around the fire to get rid of her.

    On a social level, Holi strengthens relationships on a personal, family and society level. It is a festivity to leave behind the bad moments and saying yes to all the good there is. Within that spirit, as long as the celebration lasts, society is more tolerant with what people are drinking or smoking. That tolerance is also reflected in the attitudes, that become closer and warmer, as all the heat concentrated during the winter is liberated. Different social stratums are blended and, without losing perspective, there is also a relaxation of the castes subject.

    What is really important is the common intention to enjoy and have fun bringing out everyone’s casual side.

  • Is it easier to get lucky if you dance?

    Not necessarily, but if you really want to flirt, you better do. Yes, we communicate via dance and most importantly, it is a way to show our degree of connection. Jumping on the dancefloor alone or in a group during a celebration as a wedding, dancing is a way to share the excitement of the moment. Scientists associate people’s dancing ability with their communication skills. This is why it is the fastest, simplest and least expensive, at all levels, way of successfully flirting.

    What happens when we dance is that we are showing ourselves the way we are, and what is most important to the viewer, we show our vital status. The men’s focus relays mainly on hips, followed by legs, while women look at men’s torso and neck. We can spend hours talking about trying to describe who we are. Five minutes dancing tell much more about us than we think.

    Once it is clear on which areas of the body we look at, you can deduct the degree of connection between two people, if the dance they are performing is similar, even if it is not related to the music played. Watching two people dancing together on different moves tells her that both can be very good dancers, and understand the same music differently, but that they are not communicating properly. When one of them starts making similar moves to those of his or her dancing partner’s, the communication adjustment begins.

    To be successful at the dance floor it is recommended to be familiar with the largest number of dances as possible. It is just like learning foreign languages. Human beings end up understanding each other, but speaking the same language makes things much easier. It is the combination of knowledge and attitude that will guarantee success in a dance floor "conversation".

  • How is a day in the Dj’s life?

    Our camera has followed around Camilo Franco, resident Dj in Space and CDLC, to see how is a day in his life.

  • This is a party

    In this flying information era, it is easier to learn where to go in the world to go party, and it is not totally overcrowded.

    Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

    Whenever we talk about carnival, first place that comes to mind is Rio de Janeiro. That is fine, since it is the first reference. Fifty years after the first record of a celebration in Rio, a quite spectacular carnival started in the Caribbean, the Trinidad and Tobago carnival. The biggest difference between this one and the Brazilian one is the duration, Trinidad’s takes two days versus the four days of celebrations in Rio. Also in Trinidad they haven’t built a Sambadrome yet as the one in Rio to accommodate The samba schools parade.

    The atmosphere starts heating up in December and goes on until the opening day. The whole country is devoted and thousands of foreigners, including a number of celebrities sign up for this amazing couple of days celebration. If you do not want to miss this occasion, these are the coming years dates: in 2014, it will begin on March the 3rd and in 2015 it will be on February the 16th.

    Moonsplash Anguilla

    We stay in the Caribbean to recommend you this independent reggae festival with over 22 years of history,  held in The Dune Preserve in Anguilla, an island of the Lesser Antilles.

    It is a cult festival in which you can see very acclaimed artists as well as emerging talents. Plenty of bands have come along Moonsplash, like Tarrus Riley, Duane Stephenson, Steel Pulse, Third World, Inner Circle, Buju Banton, Gregory Isaacs, Culture, Toots & The Maytals ... it’s a long list. If you want to attend a festival and be able to say that "not everyone has been there" Moonsplash is your place.

    Calle 8 Miami

    To describe the kind of event that is this street party is, for which the city of Miami closes 24 blocks, we can say that in 1988, during the festival, they broke the Guinness Record when 119,986 people formed the world's largest conga. That is the spirit. There are over 30 stages where there is always something happening, and people from Miami and from out of town give their best. Music, dance, family friendly events and lots of fun. We do recommend it.


    The full name is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and is one of the events to attend nowadays. It started in the, although the massive attendance of celebrities has turned it into a festival worth going if only for the gossip. As to music, the Coachella has a luxury lineup, in 2013 Pete Tong, Blur, Stone Roses, Violent Femmes, Two Door Cinema Club and dozens of other bands, both veteran and up and coming, have performed on stage.

    It takes place in Indio, California over two weekends in which everything revolves around music and art. going back to celebrities, the show both onstage and on the grasslands of the polo club in which the festival goes on is endless. The way to learn more is by attending it on April in Indio in California.


    This is literally a watered new year’s festival. The tradition goes back to the end of the rice harvesting season and the waiting for the rainy season to seed again. Water was poured on the hands of Buddha’s images and on the elder as a sign of respect and veneration.

    As usually happens, this has led to a street parade in which not even the law enforcement agents are safe from being soaked wet in cold water. People throw buckets, bowls, cups, water guns, and anything else that holds water. The protocol compels participants to respect monks and elders and recommends keeping personal items safe from water.

    To enjoy Songkran, you have to be in Thailand by April 13th and 14th. It is celebrated throughout the country although it is in big towns where you can enjoy it intensely.

  • Learning to taste

    To enjoy a meal or a drink requires both taste and smell senses. Both should cooperate optimally to record what we are ingesting. Most of us don’t realize that when we approach something to the mouth we are actually sniffing it. The tongue complements the nose, sending nerve impulses the taste centers in the brain, that will tell us what flavor or taste is in our mouth.

    Actually it is assumed that there are 6 main flavors: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami or fatty meat. The last two are new for some people, but not less real.

    How to differentiate when we are having a meal that mixes flavors or ingredients?, educating our nose and tongue. You have to start with the basics, taking the basic representations for each flavor and testing them separately. The easiest way of representations of flavors are:

    Sweet, sugar water mixed in a syrup
    Bitter, black coffee
    Acid, lemon juice
    Salt, salt mixed in water
    Umami, a piece of meat,
    Adipose, the fat in a piece of meat

    In a quiet, noise free room, we can take a small sample of a flavor, at body temperature, 37 °C or similar to room temperature. With our eyes closed, we put it in our mouth slowly to allow the olfactory perception, once in our mouths, chewing it, even in the case it is a liquid. all you have to do is clear your mind and relax to consciously feel everything.

    When our brain has a good record of how the flavors taste like for us, we can begin to work on how they blend with others.

    From this reformulation of the basic tastes, we can change our meals into sensorial experiences.

  • Beyond Western cooking: Benefits Asian, Indian and Arabic cuisines.

    Western cuisine is reputed to be increasingly processed and loaded with refined sugars and flour as well as bad fats and carbohydrates. If this were not enough, in some regions fish is not in the diet, and there is a general decrease in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This is not necessarily so in all cases or western regions, but if you want to leave your eating routine, and look further to opt for healthy alternatives, here are some of the characteristics of oriental Arabic, Indian and Asian food, that may interest you.

    Lets start with one aspect of food, everything we eat gives us energy. Depending on our lifestyle the need for energy will be higher or lower. Synthesizing things, carbohydrates and fats are the first fuels we burn during our daily activities, in that same order. When these are over, we start with proteins, which are not meant to act as fuel, but as components of our bodies. When facing a shortage of carbohydrates and fats, the body begins to use protein as an energy source, this leaves our body unbalanced.

    It appears that the pyramid of nutrients that we are used to see belongs to a time when people were more active and fresh and natural ingredients were available. always in smaller amounts, we bring forward Arab, Indian and Asian cuisines.

    The common thing of these cooking styles is that they all combine vegetables, legumes and vegetables, that become a major contribution of complex carbohydrates, which has more benefits for us, and a smaller one of the less richer, but still very important, existing in rice or unleavened bread, very common in these cuisines.

    They all use meats, but usually as an accompaniment. In this category we find fish, lamb and poultry. This protein source contains a certain amount of fat, but well below red meat. We highlight blue fish fats here as highly beneficial. Nuts fats and vegetable oils used as accompaniment in some dishes complete the fats group.

    All previous groups are represented in balanced proportions. To this we add that the recipes are spiced so flavors are prominent, sometimes enhance flavor and others give their own flavor.

    A considerable part of these three kitchen’s recipes can be made at home with a little investigation in the supermarket’s spices counter, otherwise there will always be restaurants to try them out. We should include as many fresh, natural ingredients to what we eat as possible. This way we will enjoy delicious, healthy and nutritious dishes.

    We finish by stressing that these are healthy cuisines, varied and very accessible. Food is one of our dopamine generators. Do not miss the delicacies available in Arabic, Indian and Asian cuisines.

  • Types of Chopsticks: History, types, protocol and uses of sticks in Asia.

    If you are an Asian food lover and enjoy it with chopsticks, you are one of the more than 2,000 million people who use them to eat in the world. Chopsticks first usage record goes back more than 4,000 years, and they have been shifting in shape and materials until the present day.

    They are manufactured of all kinds of materials, prevailing certain woods, silver and plastics. We are used to the bamboo type, which are very cheap and work perfectly on a single use. This makes bamboo ones the kings of restaurants and takeaway.

    There is an etiquette on the use, very similar to that already established for cutlery uses: It is correct to use them to bring pieces of food into the mouth, but never as carving or cutting tools. It is common to see Asians approach the bowl to their mouths and push food from there. That is more than correct, although it can be very different from what we have learned in the west. What is for sure is that you should never stick them in the bowl, as that is only used as a funeral ritual with incense.

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